11 Desi Things, Only Indians Can Relate To Beyond the Panorama August 13, 2022

11 Desi Things, Only Indians Can Relate To

India Independence Day

While the whole world is creating and laughing at memes, India is in a league of its own. Our culture is idiosyncratic, our customs unique, and our habits, well, they’re one-of-a-kind, to say the least. 

We make our own memes, define our own virality, and celebrate a country unparalleled, every single day. 

To mark 75 years of independence, we decided to give a desi twist to a list of ‘been there, done that’ moments, and the outcome is simply hilarious. 

Here are 11 desi things only Indians will relate to: 

  1. Ours is a country of diverse cultures, varying religions, and beautiful languages. It doesn’t matter which state you reside in or what your Aadhar Card says; if someone says ‘Jinne Mera Dil Lutteya,’ you say ‘oho.’ 
  1. Played along with stereotypes to keep the small-talk going: the traffic in Bangalore is the worst, Mumbai rains are soooo romantic, how about the Delhi weather? Raise your hand if you’ve spoken about these elaborately without having ever experienced them.  
  1. The moment of absolute dread when you turn the knob sideways, expecting the water to come out of the tap, but it shoots out from the shower above instead. For people who haven’t experienced this, how does it feel to be God’s favorite? 
  1. Remember when your parents came to you almost a decade ago, with a downturned smile and crease above their brow, requesting you to ‘teach me the Facebook.’ How are y’all feeling about the popularity of Instagram now? 
  1. How about those ICSE v/s CBSE fights? Or, as an ICSE student, should I say, ‘how about the great debacle of the education system prevalent in our magnificent country? 
  1. Okay, this one can’t just be us: the half-cut lemon in the side compartment of the refrigerator. That’s all we have to say. 
  1. Watched a melodramatic Bollywood movie, and by the time the credits rolled in, you decided you would be just like the main character✨ From Geet to Pooh to all the Rahuls SRK has played. Let’s be honest, though; we’re all Ali’s from Dhoom 2, aren’t we? 
  1. Planned your entire wedding down to the T, from decor to your outfit to all the Sangeet dances, but the moment a desi aunty asks when you’re getting married, you’re offended they even brought the topic up. 
  1. Decided to eat dinner together like a nice and loving family, only for every member to erupt into flames in anger and disagree on literally every topic discussed. That’s love. 
  1. We blame all desi moms for this, but we do it too: have an hour-long gossip session, breaking down every detail of the event/person, involving points of psychology and family history in the conversation, only to conclude with, ‘whatever though, how does it affect us?’ 
  2. Indians break laws and bend the rules, there’s no denying it, but the one thing that can get any truth out and bust any lie is the 2 holy words: mother promise. 

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