2023. Let’s Make It A Good One! Beyond the Panorama January 7, 2023

2023. Let’s Make It A Good One!

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If I’m being brutally honest here, the year doesn’t have a ring to it. 


Sounds like a bunch of random numbers put together to make one big, scary, odd equation. 

To 2023’s credit, that’s the note I started out 2022 with too. 

Everything was random; things that were meant to be in place seemed carelessly strewn;

People I knew once felt like strangers,

Places I called home looked the same, but didn’t feel the same. 

What started out as a mess moulded itself into a journey;

A journey that taught me a lot of things about a lot of things – 

A journey that finally put into perspective what, ‘it’s not the destination that matters’ really meant. 

Bad memories became learning experiences, and good ones became stories I keep close to my heart, 

Carelessly strewn buckets of thoughts became messier with time, 

But as bizarre as it sounds: the mess gave me new thoughts to think about. 

New, good thoughts. 

If I’m being brutally honest here, 2023 doesn’t have a ring to it. 

It is starting out as a mess,

With strangely familiar people- 

And familiar places that don’t feel like home anymore.

In a twisted yet peculiarly wholesome way – it gives me hope for a year I know I won’t ever take for granted. 

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