3 Stories That Will Give You The Ultimate Romcom Feels Beyond the Panorama March 12, 2023

3 Stories That Will Give You The Ultimate Romcom Feels

indian romance stories

There’s nothing like a feel-good story on… well any night of the year. A story with heart never fails to bring a smile to your face and make you feel like all’s well with the world. It makes you believe in a world where hope and love still exist. 

These 3 stories are going to give you exactly that! So buckle up and get ready for the ultimate romcom adventure: 

1. A Love So Pure: The Story Of A Soldier

indian stories

Honest and real. This story encapsulates the difficult yet rewarding love that a soldier shares with his family. An ode to all those bravehearts who put the nation before their own endeavours, this tale honours their pure and unconditional spirit. 

2. The One I Can Never Impress

indian short stories

Simple, thoughtful, and so stunning! This piece creatively captures what stolen glances, butterflies in the stomach, and giddy thoughts feel like when you want to impress someone. And the adventure only bolsters when the one you want to impress, never gets impressed. But love never comes easy! 

3. College Romance

indian romance stories

An unlikely match at the most unexpected place. This meet-cute story is for all those who believe in destiny and its uncanny ways of unfolding. It’s for anyone who believes in the idea of ‘meant to be’… because there’s nothing quite like the feeling of hope when you’re waiting for the one. 

Which one was your favourite?

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