3 Things You Are Forgetting About Social Media Marketing Beyond the Panorama October 31, 2022

3 Things You Are Forgetting About Social Media Marketing

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In the internet world of endless social media marketing, strategies and growth tactics, we want to pause for a moment and go back to the basics. Let’s remind ourselves of the core essence of social media for brands. 

You’re not just competing with your competition.

Who do you think has the best social media presence and is absolutely killing it? Think of any 2 brands, influencers, celebrities, or meme accounts. 

Your brand is competing with them. On social media, it ceases to be about the other companies in your industry. On social media, you are competing for attention; and that competition is with everybody. 

So when you draft your next social media calendar, just zoom out and think about it from an outsider’s perspective. Is it all about just blowing your own trumpet or is there something in it for the online audiences as well? 

Remember why people followed you

That brings us to the next point. Give people a solid reason to follow you or connect with you on social media. Give them value in some respect, be it education, entertainment, information, or a good deal. Organic social media should not be so much about promoting your product alone. You need to go beyond. 

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Don’t work in a silo 

Social media should not be separate from your overall marketing strategy. It is essential to lay out social media objectives that tie back to the overall business objectives. Work with social media teams that understand the essence of business as well as creativity. 

That’s it for today! We hope you remember these when ideating your social media strategy. If you are looking for an expert opinion and consulting, we’d love to help! 

Beyond The Panorama is a story-driven content marketing and social media agency. We work with founders and marketers to conceptualize a winning content marketing strategy and content ecosystem. 

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