4 Poems That Will Get You In The Autumn Spirit Beyond the Panorama September 3, 2022

4 Poems That Will Get You In The Autumn Spirit


We bid farewell to summer with a heavy heart, but there is a (duskier) light at the horizon’s end: autumn! Without a doubt, our favorite season, from the changing weather to the spirit of love and romance in the air, it’s a time when everything seems magical. 

And to capture this spirit of love and comfort, we turn to poetry.

Here are the 4 best poems that are sure to get you in the autumn spirit: 

1. Seasons of You 

Enchanting and alluring, the words of this poem will captivate you and make you fall in love with the beauty of literature. It’s heart-rending and touching, but most of all, it’s real and keeps you hooked throughout the narrative. 

2. The Tell-Tale Heart


‘If heaven is on earth, it’s here.’ A poem that perfectly encapsulates the emotions you go through when you’re truly, deeply, madly attached to someone you once loved. 

3. Lazy Mornings


All you want to do in colder weather is wrap yourself in blankets and sip away at your hot chocolate, even in the middle of a working day. So, this piece of poetry is a relatable take on something you’ll probably be feeling all the way till March next year! 

4. A Quiet House By The Sea


One of the most underrated experiences is being at the beach during non-peak season. Although the vibe is drastically different, it’s different in a good way; of calmness, solitude, and introspection. This poem asks deep questions and makes you self-reflect to answer them. 

4 of our faves! If you have more to add to the list, let us know in the comments! (We’re always on the lookout for pretty poetry) 

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