4 Poems That Will Get You In The Summer Spirit  Beyond the Panorama February 25, 2023

4 Poems That Will Get You In The Summer Spirit 

summer poems

Well, it looks like this year we’ve skipped the whole ‘spring season’ and just jumped right into soaring temperatures and bright sunny skies. Not that we’re complaining, because in our dictionary, summer is synonymous with happiness. 

There’s just something in the air that makes you feel empowered, giddy, and… just happy! 

To get you in the summer spirit, we’re giving you 4 poems that will instantly inspire you and make you look forward to the season ahead: 

1.The Day The Downpour Wouldn’t Stop

spring poems

Nothing like summer rains! Even if you’re not a fan of the rain, you can’t deny the feeling that is unlike anything you’ve experienced. Sitting snuggled up at home while the earthy scent filters into your room and the sound of thunder makes you feel homelier than usual – there’s just something about the season. This feel-good poem captures everything about it, from the humidity and climate to the serendipitous romance that’s akin to magic! 

2. To Belive And To Let Go

spring poems

Turning the winter age is sort of a reminder of new beginnings. To let the cold and dark phase pass, and move on to the next chapter of your life. This poem embodies this feeling and brings it to life with subtle metaphors, lyrical verses, and so much hope and love hidden in bold messaging. 

3. This Is What Today Feels Like

spring poems

‘Today feels like The Lazy Song’… sums up the mood, right? When all you want is an afternoon nap in the chilly air-conditioned room, but you’re stuck with work and assignments – this poem is for you! It’s a little bout of solidarity and motivation to get you through the day 🙂 

4. Seasons Of You

spring poems

Beautifully penned down and so magically articulated, this poem encapsulates what changing seasons really feel like. It puts into words the trickiest thoughts to gather and voice, and it shines a light on a new perspective that makes you ponder and reflect on ‘seasons’ as you know them. It was a refreshing contribution to the poetry world, that makes you want to read more from the author! 

Which one was your favourite? 

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