These 4 Poems Will Remind You That Poetry Is Not Dead! Beyond the Panorama May 28, 2022

These 4 Poems Will Remind You That Poetry Is Not Dead!


Storytelling through poetry is an art that has been in use since time immemorial. Through rhyme schemes, concise diction, and honesty in expressions, poets are able to convey the real meaning of their thoughts and behaviour by stringing together priceless metaphors and unthinkable similes. 

A lot of people may tell you poetry and Indian poetry is dead – but that is far from the truth.

The works of budding Indian poets online are giving us accessibility like never before – to appreciate new talent and open our eyes to a whole new perspective on the world. 

Here are 4 poems that will remind you poetry is not dead: 

1. Man Who Knew it All


A riveting, almost delicious ode to a man, an enigma, who knew it all; or at least from the eyes of our protagonist, she like to believe he knew everything and that she was lucky to be in his embrace. There’s some magic and a little consolation in the fact that you’re in the arms of a man who will protect you from anything the world throws, especially as you’re sitting facing the ocean, one harrowing wave after another reminding you of the fragility of the world. Find your comfort. Seek your own magic. The world is full of it. 

2. Perfectly Imperfect


This poem perfectly navigates the course of life: ups and downs followed by more ups and more downs. If you’re in a down phase of your life, this poem can give you a little inspiration, a little hope! A wise man once said, ‘life’s second name is problems. If you stop having problems, you stop having a life.’ Keep that in mind. 

3. A Letter from Home to Home


For someone who has experienced moving out of home for a new job or a new college, this piece of work very beautifully encapsulates the feelings and emotions you go through leaving your old life behind. The thought of new experiences with total strangers seems daunting, but the process of moving homes becomes less intimidating over time, you don’t realise when and how you’ve made a new life for yourself. Read this poem if you’re looking for comfort, empathy, and a little relatability. 

4. Tied Wings


This poem has the most important message: freedom. It narrates the tale of two birds, caged inside, bound down by restrictions and lack of control. Soon enough, you begin to project this on your life: how much responsibility do you take for your own actions? How much power do you really possess over yourself? It is questions like these that help you grow and transform into a better person. 

Do you have any poetry recommendations for us? We would love to read and discuss with you, just drop your suggestions in the comments or hit us up on social media! We’re just a DM away.

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