Have You Read These 5 Poems About Finding Yourself? Beyond the Panorama May 25, 2022

Have You Read These 5 Poems About Finding Yourself?


It’s not an exaggeration to think that we’ve all gone through a form of ‘identity’ crisis at some point in our lives; and given the duration of the pandemic, it’s totally normal to feel a little lost. This could be your professional life, relationships, or even your mental health – you may have even felt like you have changed at all fronts. 

What you need is ‘me time’ to discover the new you and come to terms with this person. No, you don’t need to go on a long trip to the mountains or watch the sunrise at some fancy locale, you can do this just by sitting at home and getting yourself in the right headspace. And who knows, maybe the poems of someone else can be of some inspiration to help get your life back on track? 

Here are 5 poems about finding yourself that may be of great help to you: 

1. Modern Insanity (How Not to be)


Don’t take this the wrong way, but we are all a little bit insane.

In this era of modernisation and digitisation, our priorities have changed drastically and we’ve started making time for things that in the long run, don’t really make a difference. Sometimes, we encounter incidents that change our perspective on life and really bring us back to our roots. For you, reading this poem should be one such incident. 

2. Moving on From a Pandemic


Like we mentioned before, everyone’s had a tough 2 years. But look at the bright side: we lost important parts of our lives, but we’re still here.

We’re here for a reason and it would be a waste of a life to while away our time aimlessly. Dedicate yourself to the thing or the person you lost, and move on for their sake; they wouldn’t want you to remain hung up on the past. 

3. An Ode to Overthinkers


Who can’t relate to this one? If you’ve spent countless nights overthinking situations and relationships, this poem is perfect for a night read. While we can give you some generic advice like ‘you’ll get over it’, we’re not going to because we’ve been in your shoes and know how many overused lines like that don’t help!

However, if you’re looking for a little comforting, reading someone else’s story, this is the best one, that instead of demotivating you, will inspire you and help you gather your thoughts! 

4. Souvenirs


This poem is one big metaphor. A souvenir is a collective that reminds you of the past – but the message, very subtly but deeply conveyed is of moving on.

This doesn’t mean you have to forget the past, no, it only means you have to move ahead, while only holding on to the best from the past. Remember the good times for they’ve made you who you are and keep the bad times a flicker at the back of your mind, to help you learn from your mistakes. 

5. Why I Want to and Don’t Want to be Like My Mom


Confusing title, isn’t it? Well, our parents have a great influence on the people we are today, and understanding their personalities helps us decode who we are. Without realising, our childhood plays a huge role in the people we shape out to be. Ready this poem to learn our protagonist’s dilemma on the reasons she wants to take after her mother and all the instances and qualities that turn her away from the prospect. Then apply the same method to your life. It’s therapeutic, trust us! 

Explore our poetry section for more poems along these lines!

If you’re feeling lonely or just aren’t in the mood to talk to anyone, the best thing you can do is make time for yourself and all things will fall into place.

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