6 Indian Things The World Needs Beyond the Panorama August 15, 2022

6 Indian Things The World Needs


Stereotypes exist. They always will. As Indians, we’re familiar with being typecasted, having our superstitions ridiculed, and being ogled at because the things we do or the way we behave are ‘fascinating.’ 

We’re all well aware that our distinctive cultures are rooted in our rich and ancient history. So, logically speaking, these things and superstitions have come from somewhere, maybe from a story or maybe from experience. Perhaps our ancestors just didn’t want us to repeat their mistakes? Maybe? 

That’s why we’re discussing 6 Indian things that just make sense and why the rest of the world should hear us out: 

1. Eating With Our Hands

Think about it; how did people eat before cutlery was invented? Civilization was actually meant to eat with their hands because, biologically speaking, our hands, stomach, and intestine are home to good bacteria that is required by the human body. There are a whole bunch of other benefits, too, so you should probably do your research before you make any conclusions! 

2. Achaar!

It. Just. Makes. Sense. How a little condiment at the edge of your plate works to balance an entire dish is baffling to us. If you’re having something spicy, pair it with a sweet pickle; if you’re having something bland, pair it with a spicy one! There’s a pickle for every occasion and food type, which is beautiful to us. 

3. Lemon & Chilies Ward Off Evil

The sourness of the lemons and pungency of chili is a striking balance that is astrologically known to disturb the evil eye. Since the mix is so strong, people hang it at their main doors to prevent flies, mosquitoes, and other impurities from entering the house. It’s a Nazar battu that we just can’t go without! 

4. The 1 Rupee Shagun

We see our moms adding 1 rupee to the envelope, whether it’s for birthdays, weddings, or any parting gift. Why can’t mom stick to a round number? Traditionally, 0 signifies the end, while 1 represents the beginning of something new. Numbers such as 101 and 501 are indivisible, and people believe that it stands for prosperity and will help the receiver make a fortune off this monetary blessing. 

5. Don’t Cut Your Nails After Dark!

Not because it’s ‘unlucky,’ but because once it’s dark, you’re at a higher risk of hurting yourself. That’s all there is to it. When are we going to stop fighting it? 

6. Eating On A Banana Leaf

It’s not because we’re cheap and can’t afford plates! Eating on a banana leaf kills any germs that may be present in your food by absorbing polyphenols known to cause many lifestyle diseases. 

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