7 Times We Were Proud To Be Indians Beyond the Panorama August 14, 2022

7 Times We Were Proud To Be Indians


In the 75 years of post-Independence India, we have had numerous milestones that have laid the foundation for the bustling country that we are today, giving us a reason every day to be proud of our nation. 

From significant landmarks such as the birth of a republic, the green revolution, and economic reforms to the viral moments that have stirred up conversations worldwide, we are compiling a list of 7 times we felt proud to be Indians: 

1. The World Cups 

We’re talking 1983, 2007, and 2011. Each tournament gave us iconic moments that we still discuss over dinner and replay on YoutTube to relive the glory and thrill again. Whether it’s Kapil Dev’s staunch leadership, Yuvraj Singh’s unforgettable over against England, or Dhoni’s last 6 that is almost etched in memory – the goosebumps are too real. 

2. The Mangalyaan Mission 

On 24th September 2014, India made history when ISRO successfully launched the Mangalyaan spacecraft into Mars’ orbit, being the only country to do so on its first attempt. The technological and scientific advancements have since united the nation in the spirit of science. 

3. Olympics, 2021 

The time before Neeraj Chopra became a TV commercial sensation, he rewrote history by becoming the first Indian to bag an Olympic Gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in athletics. It was a day we won’t ever forget!

4. AR Rahman at the Oscars, 2009 

It’s 2022, and we’ve still got the tune to ‘Jai Ho’ stuck in our heads. In 2009, AR Rahman got the whole world humming to it by bagging two Oscars and making ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ a worldwide sensation. 

5. Singing the National Anthem 

On a more casual, personal level, every time we sing the national anthem, whether before a match or before a movie, it rouses the feeling of patriotism within us and makes us proud to be part of something so big and unique. (For anyone who has a problem with standing up for the national anthem at the cinema, this article is not for you!) 

6. The Corona Anthem 

This… is a fun one. Remember, at the start of the pandemic, we were assigned the tasks of banging vessels and pots outside our homes and lighting diyas at 9:00 PM. Honestly, didn’t it make you feel more united in the face of something that at the time was so terrifying? 

But what made Indians most proud was the sensational ‘Go Corona, Corona Go’ anthem, composed by Ramdas Athawale, that had the whole world perplexed and a little amused at India’s capability to make an event out of anything and everything. 

7. The Kala Chashma Dance 

You know the video: Norwegians dancing to a medley of popular Bollywood songs and absolutely set the stage on fire. Yep, that made us proud, too, to know that something so indigenous and personal to us was lighting up weddings on a whole other continent. It’s true; no one knows how to party like Indians! 

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