73 Years of Royal Rajasthan! Beyond the Panorama March 30, 2022

73 Years of Royal Rajasthan!

The effervescence of Rajputana doesn’t stem from modernity or snazzy renditions of palaces and forts; its roots lie in the rich history of the land that has seen it all, witnessed ups and downs, wars and festivities, luxuries and dearths. 

The magnificence of the land of Rajasthan has been attracting onlookers for centuries, but it was when the state was merged into the Dominion of India that ‘Rajputana’ was commemorated and felicitated. Today, 73 years later, townsmen proudly observe the occasion, celebrating far and wide, the festival of Rajasthan Diwas. 

From desert camping to luxury on wheels, workshops on naturopathy to historical wonders, there’s nothing Rajasthan doesn’t have to offer. In fact, the people of the state eagerly look forward to greeting their guests with warmth in their hearts and vigour in their steps, brimming with excitement, to show them their homeland. 

Whatever the time of year – from the simmering hot summers to the extremities of the winter, there are seasonal delights, something for everyone, that brings people from all around the world, to marvel at the glorious compositions of the state that have been so intricately constructed and thoughtfully organized. 

No trip to Rajasthan is complete without a visit to the heartland, the very paramount city, Udaipur. The Land of the Lakes, forts, gardens, and palaces, this city is buzzing with eccentricity, making any tourist feel like a local, and any local feel like a tourist. The magnificence of Lake Pichola and City Palace, and other offbeat destinations like the Monsoon Palace and museums will leave you in awe of not only the present-day Udaipur but also allow you to experience the affluence of what was once the Mewar Empire. The luxuriance is captivating. 

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