A Better Place for Everyone Beyond the Panorama June 25, 2021

A Better Place for Everyone

Written by Sehar Rashid

If everyone started thinking what’s right, 

If everyone had a good sight, 

Won’t this world be a nice place to live, 

Won’t we have so much love to give? 

If people started knowing the meaning of shame, 

It would be easy to win the game, 

If people started realising their dignity, 

It’d be easier to win over cruelty and inequality. 

We all are suffering and the reason is ‘us’

Why don’t we forget the difference between he and she, 

The huge difference between poor and rich, 

When will we realise that this difference is a glitch, 

Just think where is our sincerity, 

Why don’t we make the possibility, 

To make everyone ‘one’, 

And make this world a better place for everyone. 

Sehar Rashid
Sehar Rashid

Sehar writes poems and all about her diverse thoughts on the world and society. 

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