A Cemetery of Alien Bodies Beyond the Panorama October 20, 2020

A Cemetery of Alien Bodies

A cemetery of alien bodies 

Perfectly numb 

Absurdly cautious. 

Talking in practised rhythms 

About dents and curvature. 

Stripping away hair 

To let the glint of sun 

Fall on naked skin. 

The soft edges of 

Rotten leaves remind us 

Of all the beauty 

We no longer care to see. 

Convinced by strange voices 

Guarding the prison 

Of our shortcomings. 

Floating in the stale memories 

Of years gone by 

When we were nothing 

But our own shadows. 

The hour of self-loathing 

Dawns upon us. 

The crooked nose. 

The misshapen skull. 

The frizzy mane. 

The scrawny muscles. 

These imperfections of flesh 

Carve out a mutilated soul. 

Streaks of textured blood 

On empty white sheets 

Write obituaries of shame. 

Allow the pain to wriggle away 

As your veins murmur 

For a cruel return of purity. 

Your posthumous desires 

No longer tremble 

Beneath your membrane. 

Don’t allow their whispers 

To bury you before you’re dead. 

A cemetery of alien bodies 

Perfectly numb 

Absurdly cautious. 

Vasundhara Singh
Vasundhara Singh

Vasundhara writes gripping stories, imaginative poetry, and critiques of books and movies.

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