A Child Unheard Beyond the Panorama April 17, 2021

A Child Unheard

Written by Bella Fernandes

A five year old looking at the dull faces in the room.

Walking around with her broken toy.

Too small to sense a feeling of impending doom.

She only knew her mother’s smile was her joy.

How great is her journey we see as a tale.

Little did she know that life would take too long to be fair.

As if her innocent smile was on a sale.

With her choked voice, she could hardly breathe in the air.

Tears rolled down in fear,

Always tried to hide from everyone’s sight,

She wanted to just disappear,

Eagerly waiting for the night.

With her heart so heavy,

Trying to sleep with her eyes open,

Built a tiny wall of strength like a levee,

Held close and tight, her toy broken.

Bella Fernandes
Bella Fernandes

Bella writes gripping stories and awe-inspiring poetry that make you question the world and its unique ways. 

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