A Conversation with Myself Beyond the Panorama November 26, 2020

A Conversation with Myself

Written by Shreya Karande

If I have ever been in pain,

It’s my heart that gets frozen again.

And I know, that’s what I fear,

In front of me a dark mist appears. 

But suddenly while thinking about it,

A peculiar way I got acquit.

And then I realise a shadow standing behind me,

A dark one with huge strange eyes to see.

But for the first time in the shadow even though dark, I found the serenity of white,

A dream that held me benight.

Then I heard a voice saying “you have no right to disturb my integrity”,

I held on too hard to know this voice. 

And Alas! I found the real mystery,

Which was hidden in a mutiny.

It was my soul that held me tight,

And thence I overcame the toughest night.

My soul taught me how to be peaceful, and yet say a lot, and therefore I feel my worries are all sought.

I now know the integrity of my soul,

A pleasant memory to be remembered and not the one which was foul.

Shreya Karande
Shreya Karande

Shreya is a sublime poet, a follower of spirituality, and an observer of the intricacies of the world around her.

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