A Courageous Kind Heart Beyond the Panorama April 28, 2021

A Courageous Kind Heart

Written by Bella Fernandes

The kind heart was on a search for a destination.

Walking through thorns and sinking into water,

Trying hard to handle the situation,

As if it’s going to get cut in a slaughter.

It pushed itself harder to reach to the shore

Slipping every time but the efforts were well worth, 

Love and time is all and never asked for more

How can a kind heart experience hell on earth?

Walking a few steps ahead of all

Trying to hide from everyone’s sight, 

It heard a loud cry on the other side of the wall,

And followed the sound during night.

Someone standing there looked faded,

Trying to adjust it’s sight,

Tear drops collected at the corner waited,

To roll down in the dark hour of night.

A calm voice echoed around,

You have built walls too high,

And kept no windows open to be found,

It’s now time to let yourself fly.

It was hope standing too far,

Asking the heart to never lose it,

And to embrace all it’s beautiful scars,

Leaving behind its kindness a little bit.

Bella Fernandes
Bella Fernandes

Bella is an avid storyteller and poet, crafting new experiences, and writing them down for the world to read.

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