A COVID Story: 2 Years Down The Line Beyond the Panorama April 17, 2023

A COVID Story: 2 Years Down The Line

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Tragedies strike, and they strike at random. 

Whether it’s one moment, one week, or one month, it all feels like time has paused and you’re going to be stuck in this abyss forever. 

2 years later, so much has changed… yet nothing has changed.

We still remember the birthdays of our loved ones, but we’re still not sure how we should act around it. Do we celebrate? Do we mourn? Do we pretend it’s just a normal day and not mention it even once with family and friends? 

We still remember the TV shows they used to watch. But what do we do now? Do we flip the channel to avoid the painful reminder or do we continue to watch to keep their memory alive? 

We still remember the dreaded day the lab results came in. We remember, but we wish to forget, because that’s where the beginning of the end really began. 

We still remember the soul-crushing disappointment after seeing the ‘positive’ diagnosis. 

We wish to forget the futile efforts to find a ‘cure’. In moments of hopelessness, solidarity is the only thing that keeps you afloat. 

We recall that very moment when the realization struck. It’s over. 

It isn’t over yet, but it’s over. 

And then the fleeting thoughts: can it be over for real now?
Can we just end this misery and put our loved ones out of the pain they’re facing? 

2 years down the line, it doesn’t get easier, but our thoughts are much clearer. Our feelings are much stronger. 

Grief isn’t constantly weighing down on our shoulders anymore. It comes once in a while and shrouds us like a thick, warm blanket on a hot summer day. It’s uncomfortable, and it’s persistent. 

We still remember our promise to never forget you. 

And no matter how much time goes by, and how many lifetimes pass, that promise, just like your spirit, will always remain alive. 

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