A Cure For Hopelessness Beyond the Panorama June 6, 2022

A Cure For Hopelessness


As a nurse, Mira had come to terms with the fact that there were more difficult days than happy ones. Today was especially intense, more emotionally than physically. After being reprimanded and pushed away by her most challenging patient, she did her best to choke down a sob and put on a façade of professionalism.

She wanted to hug him, hold his hand, cry with him, and tell him she knew his pain; but she could only lend her hand as he, a former athlete, struggled to take a single step. 

The progress was painstakingly slow. One bad day turned into two hard ones, and before she knew it, one week had passed, and he was still panting and gasping at the mere thought of getting out of bed. 

That’s why, when she walked into his room early the next morning, ready to take on another day of intense, emotional agony, she was not prepared for the sight of him standing up. With a lopsided smile, he walked towards her, more so hobbled, thanking her and crying happy tears. She couldn’t hide her own emotions any longer, tearing up herself. 

When he asked her how he could repay her, she simply shook her head and replied,

“You have already done enough. You reminded me why I do my job.”

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