A Flower That Blooms Under The Thorns Beyond the Panorama June 30, 2021

A Flower That Blooms Under The Thorns

Written by Neha Sherkar

Plant me in a cage,

And I’ll grow within the bars,

Lock my body

But my roots are born to go far.

Cover me with dust,

I’ll find my roads in the storm

Choke my fragrance,

I’ll breath through my thorns.

Take my leaves

I’ll leave my parts on the earth

Oh dear, don’t forget,

Graveyard too, give birth.

Pluck my soul

I’ll bend but won’t break,

The gifted wounds never withered my journey

I’ll shine in the darkness.

My petals are gorgeous

After every given scar

The peace within me

Will end the hidden wars.

My garden can blossom alone

It is not your slave,

I am a flower who will bloom

Even after the ravage.

I am caged

But I know how to bend the bars to build a home

On a mountain, on a road, in a norrow lane. 

I’ll bloom

Not a refugee to roam.

Be it in a garden or in the graveyard,

I’ll never refuse to take birth

I am a flower,

That blooms under the thorns.

Neha Sherkar

Neha writes poetry that is inspiring and empowering, instilling a sense of self-confidence in the reader. 

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