A Fool’s Mate Beyond the Panorama June 20, 2020

A Fool’s Mate

Mating isn’t always the best move

Even if the queen is the most powerful piece

A gamble with the gambit opening

Might seal your fate

Protect the king at all cost

For there might not always be an absolute pin

The queen always owns your plight

Attacking when you least expect it

Every advance stirring a demon awake

A battle between joy and despair

Fighting the voices in your head

Hoping for a knight to save the day

Only to face false notions of happily ever afters

Uncertainty claws at your flesh

An immediate threat shouts a sacrifice 

Alas, if I could only see six moves ahead

A gift reserved for the privileged few 

This is a losing game

The victor disguised as a pawn 

Whose value you smugly overlooked

Keeps the heart in check 

With a swift double step move

All mating patterns differ

After all, it’s only a game

Nia Tilley
Nia Tilley

A voracious reader and travel addict, Nia writes engrossing poetry and short stories.

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