A Little Soul Beyond the Panorama June 27, 2020

A Little Soul


 To the world she was a twinkling star, 

Her bright eyes outshone all powers. 

The glimmer she had, 

The shimmer she wore, 

All was to hide the darkness inside. 

Dark were her eyes, 

Deep were the thoughts, 

Faking glitter outside, 

A sorrowful plight was inside. 

She wasn’t brave to say it aloud, 

She did fear no one will hear it out. 

That day… she thought, 

She thought was a curse; 

A curse on humanity, 

Had fell on her! 

A pedophile was he, 

But who could she blame? 

The ugly beast had shown no shame, 

And the little soul was burnt to flames. 

To the world she was still a twinkling star, 

The brightness was no more there to light up a spark; 

It was a game, 

An act of shame, 

In which she was tamed, 

To be later burnt into flames. 

She didn’t have the courage to say it out loud, 

Afraid, she was, no one will ever hear it out. 

She was dead yet she was alive; 

Making piece with her broken pieces is what she did. 

Love is what she gave, 

When all she received was hatred! 

To the world she was still a twinkling star, 

Fighting with her soul to get the long lost powers! 

<strong>Kaavya Singh Chaudhary</strong>
Kaavya Singh Chaudhary

Kaavya, a student at SRCC, writes engrossing poetry, and thought-provoking stories about culture and society.

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