A Love Letter From The Bakery Beyond the Panorama March 19, 2023

A Love Letter From The Bakery

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Cream whipped over cupcakes, butter spread on a croissant, there’s nothing sweeter this morning than the scent from the bakery next door. That was until I saw hazel eyes and a warm smile, kneading through a batch of fluffy dough kept on the counter. We caught eyes and shared identical smiles, leaving me wondering, ‘was I the only one who felt that spark?’ 

I’ve seen him work at the billing counter before, and I hoped he would take my order for a cup of coffee to-go. 

But, he didn’t. 

I knew he could if he wanted, but he didn’t. 

That pretty much did answer my question: I was the only one who felt that spark. 

A little dejected and (very) heartbroken, I didn’t feel like getting my regular vanilla caramel latte with extra sugar. Instead, I opted for black coffee.

A black coffee to match my bitter mood. 

I placed the order and waited for it to be ready in the corner, trying desperately not to look in the direction of hazel eyes and warm smile so evidently gazing back at me. 

I heard the ding of a bell and thanked the waitress who handed me the cup of coffee; watching intently as the mysterious boy from the back nudged her a little and put something on the tray. 

I thanked both of them and picked up the tray to find a little cookie with a note next to it. 

A little sweet to balance out the bitter! xxx

Picture credits: Pexels

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