A Night to Remember Beyond the Panorama February 2, 2021

A Night to Remember

Written By Swetha Narayanan

The moon and the glowing stars,

Embellishments on a night sky;

The tranquil tides at the sea,

Whispering soft symphonies;

Trilling of the field crickets,

And hooting of a distant owl,

Stirring the night’s quietude,

Enchanting me in their tunes;

Rustle of trees with the breeze,

Kindling a sense of comfort,

Aeolian sounds of gusty winds,

Resonating like wind chimes,

And akin to a melodious harp;

This silent night’s harmony,

Sparks a moment of serenity;

I yearn for the night to linger on,

And the moment to never cease;

Night – embraces me in its warmth,

Alluring me into a deep reverie!

Swetha Narayanan
Swetha Narayanan

Swetha writes captivating stories, intricate poetry,  loves to read and watch films, and then write down her reviews on the same. 

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