A Question Beyond the Panorama February 5, 2021

A Question

Written by Sourav Tripathy

I want to know the end

If it exists in universe,

I want know its whereabouts

if it describes a time;

I want to know how it feels

if it is the last moment of us.

Is it a term we bring on

or a term we give to demise? 

If it is, introduce me to the one

who made this.

Nobody knows fate

yet they gave condolences

when others lose,

Why do they behave 

to be the known-it-alls 

When they know nothing;

For that today I doubt

my quiddity on earth,

As I have nothing to share

or a heart to pity others.

Sourav Tripathy

Sourav writes gripping stories, fascinating poetry, and about his ideas and thoughts on the world. 

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