A School Reunion Beyond the Panorama September 7, 2021

A School Reunion

Written by Tanvi Das

As I am reaching my old school for an event,

I know my childhood friendships will be relived. 

I get out from my car with some gifts,

After having to take a leave following three long night operation shifts.

Entering the main gate felt like returning home,

The field beside was where our group used to play and roam. 

I see the same 7 faces, now grown up,

I knew repressing our emotions and nostalgia was going to get tough.

As they see me coming towards them, they came running and hugged me tight.

I remembered those beautiful days of our childhood, taking in the sight of their laughing faces.

Those days, when we came early and scared every student by pretending to be ghosts,

When on special occasions, we were the DJs’ and we also the hosts.

Those days, when we forgot our homework and went out of class together,

When we jumped on puddles, sailed boats and had fun in the cool rainy weather.

When on tiffin breaks, we ran together to get our ideal place,

When in games period, to see our speed, we had a long race.

When in history period, we distracted the teachers only to end the whole period in stories so royal.

When in geography, we got bored and had pen fights, while the teacher taught us about the different types of soil.

In chemistry, we tried to smell the pungent chemicals and tried to make a reactant and product mix-match,

In biology, for dissection, we were separated in a different batch.

In physics and mathematics, we tried to hide from the strict teachers and not answer the sums. 

As the bell rang, we used to pack our bags fast and be ready to run out from the school premises,

As we got out and went to the food stands, we had a hearty enjoyment of the different dishes.

As I remember those days, and see my group now, I realize we have changed so much.

We would change so much, no one thought such.

I see the goofy backbencher, who always got punished for not doing his study,

He is a respected army officer now, with his junior captain as his buddy.

The fancy-fashionista, who always brought make-up kits to keep herself all photo-ready,

She has become a strong lawyer, who everyone is afraid of, her job had finally gotten steady.

The weird nerd, with scraggly oily hair and braces, who never took part in anything and lived in his own world,

He is a very tall and handsome actor now, his self-confidence finally unfurled.

The obese ponytail girl, who had acne on her forehead and cheeks and always came last in every race,

She is a famous football player now, one could easily fall for her beautifully shaped figure and face.

The nervous kid, who always got ignored for his shyness, who was always humming something,

Now he is a famous singer, after listening to his melodious voice, in one’s mind would always keep occurring.

The topper girl of our class, who always got highest marks and grades,

She is a happy homemaker now, she is more friendly now as her arrogance fades.

The tall and thin bot, who knew he couldn’t take the weight of 12 medium books,

He is a police officer now, all plumped up and strong, he seriously has got some chiseled looks.

As we sit and remember those days of silliness and fun together, we have a crack-up,

Maybe lastly, repressing the emotions was not that tough.

Most of them have a complete family now, they are all satisfied,

Some of them have their jobs only, though they are single, their jobs are by which they abide.

I wish to hold on to our days of fun, joy and enjoyment,

If I again got to live my childhood again, I would live my life fully again a hundred percent.

As we bid each other goodbyes and get back to our lives,

Again it is the burden of our work, I hope everyone survives.

After a year we would meet and recollect those fun days we spent with each other,

It is our professions and our lives, about whom, on that special day, we would not bother.

New stories, new chapters would pop up in our lives,

It is our friendship, which, for eternity, thrives.

Tanvi Das
Tanvi Das

Tanvi writes gripping short stories and poetry that makes you wonder about things you never did before.

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