A Short, Sweet Note On Christmas In My Paradise  Beyond the Panorama December 25, 2022

A Short, Sweet Note On Christmas In My Paradise 

christmas poetry

I called it the week of nothingness. 

Time doesn’t feel real, deadlines don’t exist, and calories don’t count. 

Nothing happens. 

But there’s nothing I want, and there’s nothing that I crave more than this. 

I lay awake when I’m meant to be sleeping, and sleep when I’m meant to be eating. 

I make time for things I don’t usually do – cooking, reading, even gardening?! 

I laze around and don’t feel guilty about it. 

It almost feels like the rest of the whole world is in sync with this mood of idleness, 

And there’s a sense of camaraderie I feel about it. 

It doesn’t matter if I’m lying in the snow, on the beach, or on the couch, 

I’m just happy to be here, 

To be surrounded by the people I love, 

Watching the movies that I love, 

And doing what I love:

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