A Small Realization Beyond the Panorama August 6, 2020

A Small Realization

As I lay my head on a wet cemented surface on the terrace, a pearl drop of water from the mysterious end of the sky landed on my left cheek. While the pearl reached the ground I let my guard down and allowed my emotions to flow through me. I kept asking myself why isn’t there another way? Why am I stuck without moving forward? 

I kept replaying those questions in my little mind. As I was so caught up in thinking the worst, I forgot to notice that the drizzles had stopped. The clouds had moved and I was able to see the twinkling fireballs in the sky, for which I was waiting for.

That was my moment of realization. I realized that I was thinking about the problem again and again, and not about its solution. 

Most of us sometimes keep thinking about things and end up complaining that we are not arriving at an answer. It may be that we are not thinking about the solution, rather we rant about our problem repeatedly. 

In the process of ranting, we forget to seek the right path and we dive deep into the path of emptiness. In those times we should remember that there is always light amidst the darkness just like stars in the night sky, we just have to find a way to move the empty clouds of mist surrounding it. 

I left the terrace with a small realization that could help me see things a bit differently than I used to. This might be hard to practice at the start but I am sure I will get a hold of it eventually.

Ramathillai Chockalingam
Ramathillai Chockalingam

Rama writes captivating stories, poetry, all about her adventurous travels and her thoughts on society and culture.

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