A Sonnet of Senses Driven By Nature Beyond the Panorama April 7, 2021

A Sonnet of Senses Driven By Nature

Written by Anne Aparna

The blue sky that covers the earth after the dawn, 

The green leaves of varied shades from every tree around,

Bask the nerves of my weary and heavy eyes.

The whispers of sparrows from the their nest and

The buzzing of insects from the bush,

Blend into a melodious song in my ear.

The dewy petrichor before the showers, 

The aroma of lavender that bloomed this morning

Bring back nostalgic memories of childhood picnics.

The soft breeze gently caresse my hands and

The grass of the ground that soothe my feet together

Boost a happy mood to begin a new day.

The senses driven by nature in me

Bind me to the earth more and more everyday.

Anne Aparna
Anne Aparna

Anne writes poetry and short stories with a powerful message that will inspire you and leave you empowered. 

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