A Verse On Mental Health Beyond the Panorama May 12, 2021

A Verse On Mental Health

Written by Ramya Basker

In a world where life will never be all roses for us,

Adapting to all kinds of situations is a must.

Maintaining a calm composure without a tinge of anger

Is something that we all need to gather,

To keep our minds as well as our bodies healthy.

Getting prone to all toxic emotions at this time is very easy,

But our faith in God should be above all so that the tough times are breezy.

Also, staying away for some time from the digital world

Would make our life stress-free and well-preserved. 

Valuing ourselves should be the topmost in the list without fail,

To keep ourselves going, even if there are any twists in our tale.

Only when you are hale and hearty

Can the spark make others happy.

Ramya Basker
Ramya Basker

Ramya writes thoughtful poetry and short stories about her observations and experiences in society. 

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