A War Between Emotion and Desire Beyond the Panorama July 29, 2020

A War Between Emotion and Desire

As I am between the four confined walls

I feel sad 

I feel angry 

And emotions which are far possible 

To express in existing terms

All I want is to walk freely 

On this existing piece of land.

To feel the sand

To feel the wave 

This is all I crave

But the silence is surrounding me

Filling me with fear

Of something which I can’t tear apart 

I am done accepting what is given 

I am done accepting what is told 

All I ask for is freedom 

Not something cold.

I am stuck in between the war of emotions and desire

I can’t let either of them win

But what I can is 

Learn to strive even harder than yesterday.

Ramathillai Chockalingam
Ramathillai Chockalingam

Rama writes captivating stories, poetry, all about her adventurous travels and her thoughts on society and culture.

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