A Wholesome October Reading List Beyond the Panorama October 1, 2022

A Wholesome October Reading List

october reading list

Autumn is officially here! That means it’s finally the festive season full of good food, gifts, and a perpetual, lingering cheer in the air… Safe to say, it’s our favorite time of year. 

The spirit of October is hard to explain; it’s something that’s best experienced. Usually. The stories that can encapsulate the feeling of this special month are the ones that tend to occupy a special place in our hearts. 

The very few that do make the cut, are the ones that we secretly read all year round, hoping to experience the magic of October again.

So, here’s a list of wholesome stories and poems that you need to read this season: 

1. Better Late Than Never

As the year comes to its end, we tend to reflect on all that happened in the past few months: regrets, achievements, and a whole lot of baggage weighing down on our minds. This story takes a reflective tone and approach, giving new perspectives on a world that never slows down. It’s a lesson on how quickly life passes you by and how quickly you have to grasp what you want. 

2. Coffee Kiss

For some reason, when we think October, we’re reminded of sweet coffee that wafts the scents of cinnamon and sugar in the air. It could be the result of the big brands and their impeccable marketing, but that’s just how it is now.  This story follows a wholesome romance, a quintessential boy-meets-girl scenario, but a huge misunderstanding. Don’t worry, though; the story’s ending is just as sweet as the cookies that go with our steaming cup of coffee. 

3. A Drunkness Prayer Of Fondness 

A heartfelt piece of poetry that is as intricate with its words as it is with its meaning. ‘The mortal right and wrong shall never be able to hold me back, expresses the love and passion of the poem’s protagonists while diving deeper into the suggestive themes the author is known to divulge. 

4. Changing Seasons 

October’s kind of like a transition period; summer melts into autumn too soon, and autumn transforms into winter in the blink of an eye. An expression of all the trials and tribulations the changing seasons throw at us; this poem embodies the spirit of our changing moods through it all.  These were some of our faves! Let us know more such stories you’ve read and loved.  

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