A Winter’s Wish | Aysha Naurein Beyond the Panorama December 24, 2020

A Winter’s Wish | Aysha Naurein

Winter is my favourite time of the year. For some reason, I like to believe it is winter doing its magic; people become warmer when the weather gets cold. Those few months the world becomes a kinder place and there is more love. There are little children in parks distributing blankets, sweaters and Christmas goodies to all those who need them. There is the sweet smell of plum cake and pudding from bake houses and kitchens. Old folks are cheering, recounting the events of the past year and reminiscing about Christmas in the old days. Starry-eyed lovers holding hands huddled up on benches under the trees bedecked with fairy lights, stealing kisses and making wishes for each other. Families sitting together in front of the fireplace, sipping on hot chocolate as their hearts dance with the flames. Everybody celebrated, grateful for the year that passed and hopeful for the one to come.

This time, however, it is different. Instead of distant laughter and ringing bells, there is an air of fear. Everywhere there are people mourning for the loss of somebody they love, for lost jobs and broken homes. This year has certainly been very trying. It has taught us perseverance and patience. It has humbled us, made us realize that no matter how much we may have grown with high-end technology, education and trade, we must pause and cherish every little good thing. Because we don’t know if we would experience it again; if it would be the last. 

All it took was a virus for the whole world to come to a standstill; for politicians and paupers alike. We now realize that if nature wills, nothing can really ever stop it, not world powers, nuclear weapons or guns. Perhaps we should go back and learn once again to love nature in return for all that she has given us. Perhaps nature is tired. Perhaps it is too much. But like everything this world has seen and experienced, this too will pass. And with it, I wish it passes leaving us as better people. So this year let us be a bit more kinder and let us love a bit harder. Let it continue throughout the year and not just the winter. We do not know who would need it; the world could do with a little more love anyway. This time let us be grateful for everything we failed to notice before and let us be hopeful for the year to come. Let us remember the people we have lost, and tell them in our mind that we love them. And let us each make the world better for everyone who is still here.

Written by Aysha Naurein

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