Ache Beyond the Panorama July 25, 2020


I am a body of greed. 

I have a mouth that eats pain 

Like wild honey in a grove of 

Wilder mangoes; my hands seek 

To heal others, so I may heal myself. 

My heart wears a crown of bones

That cages my lungs, and I love

Only as a drill for a calamity that shakes

The very crux of cruelty. 

My soul is scarred 

From limb to limb, like constellations

Unnamed and unseen. 

Pain is a generous patron 

Of the shop I wait in.

My soul and heartache are very, very old friends. 

Niangthianmuang S Ngaihte
Niangthianmuang S Ngaihte

Niangthianmuang writes riveting poetry and captivating short stories.

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