All Over – A Spoken Word Beyond the Panorama December 20, 2015

All Over – A Spoken Word

Hello, omnipresent essence;

you’re all over.

All over my head, my life, the walls of my room, the little hollow spheres of my eyes.

You’re all over, all over the pages of a story that refuses to be over.

If you’re a book and I’m nearing epilogue,

I refuse to read you.

I consent to keep you on my lap and flip your pages.

Slowly as your silk hair weave my intentions to love you, even more, if that’s ever possible.

You’re all over.

You’re insomnia and a deep slumber

You’re a poisonous elixir

You’re an exaggeration of romanticism and yet you’re quiet.

You are my helpless sighs and my heart crushing screams.

You’re a dream in a coma.

You’re the poetic license I won with words,

so its safe to say you know the “rules” of my heart.

You’re the law in love’s constitution.

You’re all over, over and over again.

If you’re a valley and I’m on a cliff,

I’m about to roll over

Just, so I can fall for you.

Guess I hit my head on my way down

as the world spun  around.

I’m not thinking straight and I’m sober

I got hit too hard, I guess

With impaired vision, I see two of you

so you’re all over visually too

and though I see visually, two,

I see just you, the one, and its over.

Its over for me, I guess

You bowled me right out in the first over

I guess being a batsman isn’t for me,

So I’ll be a keeper to keep her

and catch her while I fall:

over and over.

You’re all over.

The world changes through kitchen windows with the smell of coffee brewing and certain magic in the silence.

Holding hands, we go through the drifting past in our heads as the world changes, over and over.

What do we have left, when the world is over?

Just some oatcake I’m yet to taste, but I will

Over and over and over

Till I’m over.


Spoken Word is a modern form of poetry that unravels a story. It is ideally crafted for onstage performance, rather than in written form.

Feature Image – Amer Fort, Jaipur.

Written by Armaan Yadav





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