All that Glitters – Bangkok Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2019

All that Glitters – Bangkok

I close my eyes at night and can still see the twinkling of the lights behind my orbs, sometimes

I open them in the morning to find the inviolable sunlight disturbing my still hazy frame of mind. 

The streets are now ideal, the indigent owners of carts whom I pass by give me a smile,

Pain and poverty are evident on their faces, but the goodness of their heart belies their resilience awhile.

Mangoes, lychees, papayas flood the buzzing markets all day and all night, the tropical season is eternal in this place.

But the men in suits and ladies in formals provide the perfect contrast to the city in perpetual vacation, so very fast-moving is its pace.

I visited the Buddha today, the jade and gold induced a state of drooling reverie in me, but I was jostled from my thoughts by a rude tourist, who dressed neatly

“What?” I said exasperatedly. “Wat!” She pointed at the massive structure excitedly. 

Impressed, and still a little confused by this wonderful country; one moment I was worshipping the almighty, and then the next I found myself roaming the alarmingly alluring streets.

The men and women were offering things all round- relaxing massages on one side, and sultry dances on the other; raincoats over here, and swimsuits over there.

I made up my mind- to relish every bit of this fascinating city, and to take in as much I could.

Work the next day was the purpose of my little visit, and I shouldn’t neglect it like most people would.

But my master plan didn’t go according to my will, soon I found myself to be a victim of this city’s spell.

The next morning, I woke up to the signature sunshine accompanied by a throbbing behind my eyes; in my head, like the ringing of a bell.

She had done it once again; entice me with her charms and made me fall in love,

Bangkok was her name, with her tall buildings, touching the deep blue skies, up above.

Written by Nandini Sethi

nandini sethi

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