All That Makes Home, Home Beyond the Panorama August 4, 2021

All That Makes Home, Home

Written by Neha Sherkar

Every storm gives birth to a home

Where the doors are open for rains,

Where the windows are waiting to welcome and cure the darkness.

Where the walls embrace the broken pieces

And where corners sit with crowded silence.

Where thorns breathe in the war,

Where the garden blossoms with martyrs. 

Where each colour adorns the walls,

Where the roof becomes shadows to the roads of all.

Where the closet keeps the marks of battle you fought

Where the mirror witnesses the mocking laugh.

Where my miseries unravel their mask & lay before me, 

Where the nights assure a break of dawn and the promise of a new day. 

Where days want to dream & nights are awake

Where nobody bothers, what people will say. 

Where everything is yours, dust & the ways

Where my pain fades and blurs into a distant memory. 

Where a place is less of people, and more of me

Where the storm heals my agony,

I ask that storm to build such home for me

A home just like me.

Neha Sherkar

Neha writes poetry that is inspiring and empowering, instilling a sense of self-confidence in the reader. 

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