An Archaic Love | Kanhaiya Shah Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

An Archaic Love | Kanhaiya Shah

Let me tell you a love story

An amor aeternus.

Archangels claim Darkness was there alone, 

all alone since birth of time.

So God created Light as its companion, 

for the time eternal.

Alas! As soon as Light approached Darkness for the embrace

Darkness had to disappear at that instant.

They both are well aware of each other presence,

Yet they have not seen each other for once.

Adam and Eve were thrown out of Eden for their original sin.

I wonder what must Darkness and Light have sinned to deserve this fate.

Without Darkness, Light would be just an all-encompassing ether.

And without Light, Darkness would just be a long, long silence.

May be they will meet in a realm

A realm beyond existence, beyond time

Or maybe not,

Who knows?

Now tell me, do tell me

Is there something wrong with me?

If I want a love story like this

Just like this

For me.

Written by Kanhaiya Shah

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