An Empyrean Love Beyond the Panorama May 13, 2021

An Empyrean Love

Written by Swetha Narayanan

Why do we indulge in an intense tug of war?

Has our passion and love turned whisky sour?

Why is it – one step forward, two steps back?

Is it that our love mystery is too hard to crack?

I sit by my window – star gazing, as I wonder,

If the moon, the sun and the stars over yonder,

Encountered this profound perplexity too!

I wonder if they fumbled to etch their love tale,

If the moon, envious of star’s shimmer went pale;

But beyond the pallor of the silvery moon,

I watch a harmony creating a mystical high;

A fusion of the nature’s puppets – floating,

Surmising us to shove aside the foreboding;

To concede and evolve like a moon’s phase,

To love ardently, with ecstacy and grace!

<br>Swetha Narayanan

Swetha Narayanan

Swetha writes captivating stories, intricate poetry,  loves to read and watch films, and then write down her reviews on the same. 

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