An Empyrean Love

An Empyrean Love

Written by Swetha Narayanan

Why do we indulge in an intense tug of war?

Has our passion and love turned whisky sour?

Why is it – one step forward, two steps back?

Is it that our love mystery is too hard to crack?

I sit by my window – star gazing, as I wonder,

If the moon, the sun and the stars over yonder,

Encountered this profound perplexity too!

I wonder if they fumbled to etch their love tale,

If the moon, envious of star’s shimmer went pale;

But beyond the pallor of the silvery moon,

I watch a harmony creating a mystical high;

A fusion of the nature’s puppets – floating,

Surmising us to shove aside the foreboding;

To concede and evolve like a moon’s phase,

To love ardently, with ecstacy and grace!

<br>Swetha Narayanan

Swetha Narayanan

Swetha writes captivating stories, intricate poetry,  loves to read and watch films, and then write down her reviews on the same. 

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