An Ode to Lazy Musings Beyond the Panorama August 20, 2020

An Ode to Lazy Musings

A River of unconditional depth 

Rustic cottages on lonely hills

Sing brief songs of glory. 

Pretty pink roses 

Grieve for the lost verses

As a stubborn poet delights 

In calm visions of nothingness. 

Memory plays its game 

Makes us nostalgic 

For places we’ve never been. 

Stunted alleyways of yellow light 

Stones beside an angry sea 

Dull laughter on a winter morning 

Sing brief songs of wonderment. 

Dreaming of a quiet April day 

Strolling Parisian streets  

Spitting bravely to the sky

The only French word we know. 

Je T’aime 

Harmless cravings for an unknown land 

Holding familiar hands on alien soil. 

Hazy, drunk, imperfect 

Our foolish dreams 

Sing brief songs of rebellion. 

In times of insanity 

With stardust in your veins. 

Carry with yourself, 

The infinite promise of distant lands. 

The lingering stare of strangers. 

Vintage cars on endless roads. 

Carry with yourself, 

Brief songs of unexpected beauty. 

Vasundhara Singh
Vasundhara Singh

Vasundhara writes gripping stories, imaginative poetry, and critiques of books and movies.

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