An Ode To Life Beyond the Panorama July 26, 2021

An Ode To Life

Written by Soujanya Hiremath

Oblivious by the act of God

For you’re born with no cognizance of life

Like a pawn in the hands of the universe, 

As it moulds you to fit in its abode.

Acquainted in this act of living

Left with a pile of unanswerable questions,

Forcing yourself to be sane

Because you know it will bring out the insane in you. 

For all of life you breathe

And one day it’s taken to death,

Commencing the new breathless life

Where you are insanely you and not a puppet. 

Suddenly everything seems like a lie

Where you lived to die and died to live, 

Presenting all of this as a dead life

And there began your actual life. 

Soujanya Hiremath<br>
Soujanya Hiremath

A lover of poetry and storytelling, Soujanya also expresses her views on the world through her writings.

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