An Ode To My Grandmother Beyond the Panorama December 16, 2021

An Ode To My Grandmother

Written by Swetha Narayanan

She – a second mother to us, our dearest confidant, 

A soul that bartizaned us despite our unbearable mischief;

Often draped in a brick red kanchivaram silk saree,

She would spellbind us with her impeccable beauty;

The scent of mogra flowers she wore on her hair, 

Filled the room and put us in an ecstatic trance;

Whilst her eyes lined with kohl, carried deep secrets, 

Secrets that she treasured with a twinkle in her eye;

She’d briskly do all her household chores unaided,

Inspiring us and making us wonder if she ever aged;

She’d often narrate doting tales of her childhood,

Whilst we – the grandchildren, sat cross legged on the floor, 

Admiring and listening to her with keen intent;

And seldom a summer holiday or vacation passed by, 

Without visiting her or getting pampered,

Often to the amuse of my beloved mother;

Her home ­- a quaint one on a narrow, dilapidated lane, 

Yet, filled with love and warmth in abundance;

Years later, I stand in front of the wooden gate, 

In the passageway to ‘her’ home – but the house is empty, 

With no one to welcome and usher me inside;

I restrain my emotions while a tear escapes my eye,

As the memories come flooding in – of all the times, 

She showered me with her warmth and affection!

Swetha Narayanan
Swetha Narayanan

Swetha writes captivating stories, intricate poetry,  loves to read and watch films, and then write down her reviews on the same. 

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