An Ode To The City That Never Sleeps Beyond the Panorama November 19, 2022

An Ode To The City That Never Sleeps


There’s something in the air,
Amidst the humidity, rain, and sun,
There’s something in the air.
I go from cab to local, local to rickshaw,
And I see a piece of history in the present.
I love the opulence; the fancy cars and expensive stores,
And I witness the reality of life; from dust-coated buildings to make-shift houses on roads,
I see it all.
I’m in a world that sees life in all its glory – on one street,
Where people laugh, cry, sing, and dance in one single stretch of land by the bay,
And where I find myself feeling all of the world’s emotions, at once.
I never knew a city that never sleeps,
Till I saw you, Bombay;
Till I saw the beauty and magic that you hide under all that humidity, rain, and sunshine.

(Picture credits: Pexels)

Post Copy: Mumbai, this one’s for you!

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