And She Became My Light |   Gulnar Raheem Khan Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

And She Became My Light |   Gulnar Raheem Khan


“It’s dark”, he groaned, “do switch on the lights!”

The day was at its peak, and the recovery room well lit,

When these dreaded lines made my heart shiver and sink!

Murphy’s law seemed to have worked overtime,

In a treachery to make the trabeculectomy fail.

In my mind was lingering an uneasy premonition;

But, who escapes this powerful force called predestination?

How will I, to him, the bitter truth reveal?

How will he face the shock, will he even survive?

And when I broke him the news, it was I who crumbled and cried!

I cried until the fountain of my tears went dry;

And then, I rose, with a determination, and a smile!”


A seasoned stoic, I have indeed been, all my long life,

With fortitude I have many misfortunes tackled!

But this monstrous calamity was more than I could handle:

Chained in the prison of darkness, should I pine away the rest of my life?

A single step can I take, one movement can I make, without my precious sight?

What a burden I would be on the earth, with a life unproductive and futile?

Calmly, she took my trembling hands in hers,

And whispered, ‘why worry, when I am here!’

My arid desert, that minute, blossomed into a spring,

Flowers in full bloom, dispelled away all my despair and gloom!

Dedicating to me her complete time, she became my source of light!

She reads my mind; and I see all the world through her eyes!

Hand in hand, with a ‘single vision’, while we take step after slow step,

To maneuver the labyrinth of life, the sun sometimes forgets to set!

The darkness of my fears is gone, gone too is the distinction of day and night!

With her by my side, my life appears a dancing chandelier of lights!

Written by Gulnar Raheem Khan

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