Badri Narayan: The Perfect Start Beyond the Panorama October 29, 2020

Badri Narayan: The Perfect Start

A glance at the points table will surprise you. Mathematically, seven teams have the window of opportunity to qualify for the playoffs but for Chennai Super Kings this window has closed. After having qualified every season they have featured in, it is shocking to see them in the last place. As their supporters try to come to terms with this, they still have a lot to cherish – three IPL trophies, historic games and so much more. Badri Narayan highlights one such moment which also happens to be his IPL moment. 

What is your IPL moment?
A moment that always comes to mind when someone says IPL is Chennai’s win over Mumbai in the opening game of 2018. Beating them in Mumbai after a 2-year ban makes it my best memory from the franchise yet.

Why is it your IPL moment?
That game wasn’t just about coming back from the dead because CSK has done it time and again. It was special because we played together for the first time after 2 years. Seeing Dhoni, Jadeja, Raina, Bravo dawning the yellow jersey gave me goosebumps. The odds were heavily stacked against CSK. We were termed as the “Dad’s Army”. Written off even before the game started. A win was so important because it would prove everyone wrong and let them know that CSK is back.

What stood out the most?
The moment Jadhav walked in after Bravo almost single-handedly got us through. I remember the commentators saying that he won’t come out to bat because of his hamstring injury  and the match will be over. But there he was. Struggling, but still doing it. It made me realize the level of dedication the players had. Whether he could do it or not was no longer important. His effort to give it his all stood out. And then bam! He scooped a six and drove a four to covers. It even made Mahi smile. A perfect start to a fairy tale of a campaign as we went on to win the trophy that season.

Reported by Shriya Rajachandra

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