Beautiful Disaster Beyond the Panorama June 17, 2020

Beautiful Disaster

A soothing siren in a post apocalyptic sky 

The stench muffles the voices inside 

The filth masks the beauty 

A race of free souls jolting towards the imagined finish line 

Out of sight, out of mind we say 

To soothe the ears of fools 

With words dripping of honey

Praise, an empty reward 

Dazed with madness, 

to be crazy in a happier way 

In an endless circle, vicious and marred 

And when all is said and done 

The battlefield, divided 

The heart, clouded with judgment 

The senses, strangled 

Slowly realising that 

Beauty without poison is insipid 

All of us, lost libertines weakened 

By the dint of piling 

False promises and empty compliments 

On our hearts of ruin 

Frantically trying to force feed forgiveness 

To a heart that’s had enough 

In a free world.  

Authored by Ishika Paul

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