The Best Short Stories of 2022 So Far  Beyond the Panorama August 20, 2022

The Best Short Stories of 2022 So Far 

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2022 has been a roller-coaster so far, with ups and downs, growth and learning. This year, we tried to incorporate more reading into our daily lives, and what we got out of that is soulful stories that are going to stick with us for a long time. 

To encapsulate the craziness of the year, we’re giving you 4 of the best short stories of 2022 so far: 

1. When The Love Of Your Life Is Food

best short stories 2022

Can you think of a more relatable title? This story is the perfect balance of sweet and sour, bland and spicy, like the flavours of ghar ka khaana we crave, when we’re far away, and even living at home. 

2. The “Chabeel” of Punjab

best short stories 2022

A story that embodies the culture, spirit, and soul of Punjab. Bringing to light the traditions of our country that we often overlook, this tale highlights the heart and goodwill of Indians and the meaning and love that backdrops every custom we follow. 

3. Catching Rainbows in Sunny (And Rainy) Goa

best short stories 2022

Goa’s known for its sunny skies, deep blue seas, and summer vibes. That’s why the monsoon season doesn’t see a lot of tourists. However, the rainy season is just as captivating and just as beautiful as any other day in enamouring Goa. 

4. Memories That Will Live On

best short stories 2022

A wholesome story that recounts priceless memories that we have attached to our homeland. Sometimes, it’s difficult to express the emotions that transpire from childhood memories, and sometimes, they get articulated in ways you don’t expect them to. 

With 4 months of the year left, we’re excited to see what unfolds and witness the different forms of creativity that talented people all across bring to the table. If you do come across such creativity, innovation, and passion, we’d love to read more of it! 

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