Best Thriller Stories of 2022 Beyond the Panorama December 10, 2022

Best Thriller Stories of 2022

best thriller short stories

2022 is coming to a close, and we’re wrapping up some of the best stories from this year! Specifically, we’re rounding up the highlights from the thriller category, aka our favourite genre.

Who doesn’t love a good, self-indulgent, no-holds-barred mystery story from time to time? So, without giving too much away, here are 4 of the best thriller stories from this year:

1. A Murder Without The Mystery

best thriller short stories of 2022

Did the title give too much away? Or did it just add to the mystery? Well, follow our protagonist and her investigation story and see for yourself if you have figured out the murder, or you’re one among the many to be caught in a web of lies.

2. The Crashed Flight

best thriller short stories of 2022

What do you do when you find out your loved one has been in a plane crash? The most common reaction would probably be sadness, or anger, or even helplessness. Read to find out how the narrative navigates through all these emotions and more to process this thrilling and goosebumps-inducing news.

3. When Your Dreams Come True

best thriller short stories of 2022

You’d think that’s a good thing. But this story proves that sometimes, it’s not the case at all. Imagine waking up from a nightmare, only to find yourself facing that reality face-to-face. Yep, this story is literally what (horror) dreams are made of.

4. Better Late Than Never

best thriller short stories of 2022

This one might get you thinking, where’s the mystery? Following the plot is mystery enough, and what’s better is that the ending is the biggest mystery of all. A story filled with hope, desire, and a spirit of ‘age is just a number’, it’s got all the motivation you need today!

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