Blending Justice and Forgiveness Beyond the Panorama August 21, 2020

Blending Justice and Forgiveness


They say forgiveness brings inner peace and when we forgive others, happiness envelops us again. However, last week I got to work on two beautiful souls.  Although they had entirely different reasons for reaching out to me, and after hearing them (separately) one thing common that I established was, that lots of forgiveness was required. They were/are carrying so much of past baggage (emotional and mental) and as I moved deeper into their domain, I realized that they have lots to let go of, so much to release and have to do a lot of shadow work.

I immediately booked sessions for them and during the sessions, I guided them to the intense meditations to release the unwanted emotional toxins so that they could push out of themselves that which was not rightfully theirs’ and was occupying rent-free space in their lives. Despite the intense sessions, forgiveness, (yes, they did a lot of forgiveness as they were carrying loads of grudges, anger, and resentments towards people who hurt them at some point in their lives), and also distance healing, I was clearly able to notice that both of them made some remarkable progress but still, they were stuck. It felt to me that they wanted to move forward but despite the effort, something held them and stopped them from being free.  

When I work with people and sometimes with myself, I feel, that the concept of forgiveness is confusing because many of us have been taught that forgiveness clears away our misconducts. We think that once we have asked for forgiveness or asked somebody to forgive us, that is the end of the course. But forgiveness is not the same as an acquittal. 

Yet again, I decided to ask HIM so I sat down, closed my eyes, and using the Theta Healing, reached the seventh plane of existence. I waited until I heard Him. When I sensed that the connection is established, I asked HIM, “If forgiveness is the ultimate then why even after forgiving, we still feel uneasy? Why we don’t get inner peace? Why don’t we feel liberated?” 

HE said, “Right after seeking forgiveness or after you forgive somebody, justice comes into the equation. Forgiveness and justice both influence and play a part in equalizing karma. When you are forgiven, your antagonistic karma is locked for a time and you have the gap to persevere self-mastery and to counteract this karma. This is your opportunity to harmonize or neutralize the energy through the action of justice. In other words, you may obtain forgiveness, which brings peace and resolution between yourselves and others or yourselves and me (God), but justice wants you to still compensate for the debt of karma. While forgiveness may be sudden and unexpected, it sometimes takes a little while to pay back what you owe. Although I (God) will forgive you immediately because my (God’s) compassion prevails eternally, I will not take away from you the responsibility to balance the karma you have made. Similarly, somebody can forgive you with their whole heart for something you did to them that incurred a debt, but the law of karma will compel you to reimburse that debt to them even if they don’t want or expect it.” And then the voice went quiet. I expressed deep gratitude to the Spirit for satisfying my inner turmoil. 

Woah! what a straightforward, precise, and sharp message which gave me so much clarity, and my qualms were countered with love and grace! 

So I understood that, when we have made negative karma, we need to counteract it by service, and by paying back whatever is demanded. Let’s say it’s an issue of dishonesty and deception. We may be pardoned for the act, but we will still have to compensate. Compensating means we will still have to transmute the energies that were involved and make some compensation to the people impacted. If dishonesty comprises a debt of money, we will have to reimburse that debt one way or the other. We can’t return someone back for the money we owed them three lifetimes ago, but we can summon the positive thoughts and vibrations for that person and we can call for the blessings of life to be upon them. We may not even know who the person is, but we can still invoke the inner flame of blessings and love for everyone we have wronged. 

The inner love- the flame of justice is universal Law in action. Because the law of karma performs automatically and without bias, justice prevails. If we have a sense of injustice, then when some challenge gets to us, we may think, “Well, this is so-and-so’s fault” or “I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.” When we comprehend justice, we can recognize and understand that a situation has come upon us so we can find out a lesson and correct the karma. We can get into the driver’s seat and take accountability for our lives and our actions. And when we do, we start to see that there is no injustice anywhere in the universe.

Savina Shah
Savina Shah

Savina Shah, Founder of Inspirit Insignia, is a spiritual healer. She heals people by helping them realize the power that resides within them. Savina writes about spirituality and poetry.

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