Blurred Lines Beyond the Panorama September 6, 2015

Blurred Lines

We are born and we are taught. Taught by parents, teachers, friends, strangers, dogs, cats, beetles, whatever. From the moment we’re born, we’re taught.

 Values are “imparted” to us. Do we form our own values? What about the most basic value of them all? The principle of morality. The pillar of right and wrong, correct and incorrect, justice and injustice, equality and inequality.

Do you even have an opinion? An unaltered opinion about something or somebody that lies uninfluenced by somebody or something or nothing? The only opinion I have is that I don’t often have an opinion about things. That’s MY own opinion.

 When you open your mind to the possibility of not being strongly opinionated when you open your mind to the idea of multiple or in fact, no morality, you are nothing but a sponge. You take it all in, you learn. You are not taught anymore, you teach yourself. You can then be nothing, and you can be everything. You can mean nothing and you can mean everything. The freedom of belief in nothing and yet so everything even stupidity, opens yourself to the rest of the shamefully unexplored world.

 I used to have strong opinions about things. I used to be this definite personality. Things change when your life flips and you don’t know what to believe in. And that scares you, because you are lost in the universe of things and people with definite standards, opinions, morals, goals, terms of happiness and sorrow. You see that around you, you see people define things with words you have known, and yet it all seems so blurry. In that moment, your journey starts. You can either be the speck of dirt floating through an ever expanding universe, or you can be that universe, a collection of things that are nothing. You are not that bold line anymore. You are a line drawn in ink, blurred and blotted by consciousness that lays spilt on your little piece of paper.

You are now a blurred line, and you’re fading one thought at a time, one moral at a time, one opinion at a time and like I describe it often one word at a time in the paradox of an opinion denouncing all opinion.

Photography (Featured Image) – Yash Saxena

Written by Armaan Yadav


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