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Book Review: November 9 by Colleen Hoover

If lies were written, I would erase them

But they are spoken; etched within

With convalesced truth, I scream out my atonement

Let me repent against your skin.

                                                                                        —BENTON JAMES KESSLER

We often think about what makes a book memorable. We try to check different boxes: it should be appealing, it should have depth and should bring happiness to the reader. Well, one of the books that I read was November 9 by Colleen Hoover. For a couple of weeks, I was on a Colleen Hoover book marathon, and I must say the author always tries to keep you hinged to her books and that is exactly what I love about her style. Choosing one to review out of the many was a hard nut to crack. But the one that really spoke to me was November 9. 

This book is an absolute delight for romance genre lovers and even the hopeless romantics out there. The book revolves around two people, Ben and Fallon who have different sides and perspectives to tell in different chapters of the book. Both of their personalities have been given depth and edge by the author that truly keeps us hooked till the end. While reading, there were many plot twists that made me spin in my chair a couple of times. 

Both of the characters meet on a specific day of the year and each year, both of them have different conclusions as to what that year brought them.This book also beautifully portrays sacrifice and selflessness for the things you love and this can turn around any relationship for the better at some point provided both are willing to do it. 

We say it’s a small world and this is true, but the experiences and milestones that take place during that time are truly magical. This book is an absolute treasure. Colleen Hoover’s explicit style allures us into believing that there is love in this world. The romantic and sensual part of the book gives you the butterflies that people may not experience in real life. 

If you are the kind of person who wants to dive into the world of love, and start your journey of romance books, this is the perfect piece for you.

In the words of Ben,

It’s not the end, it’s far from it.

Aanya Mehta for Beyond The Panorama
Aanya Mehta for Beyond The Panorama

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